New Release! The Jerusalem Scrolls by Gary McAvoy – Includes an Excerpt & Giveaway!

Two young Israeli boys discover an ancient red clay jar in a hidden cave tucked away in the Judean Desert near Qumran. 

Inside the jar are several scrolls written by the Essenes two thousand years earlier, before the Great Jewish Revolt, including one legendary scroll engraved on silver that speaks of what may be the great Lost Treasures of Solomon buried around Jerusalem—consistent with the predictions of the fabled Copper Scroll discovered in 1947 near the Dead Sea. But one of the overlooked parchments turns out to be far more pivotal to Christianity than anything ever before discovered—a startling manuscript written by St. Paul himself that could rewrite religious history.

Father Michael Dominic and his friends are called to Jerusalem to inspect the silver scroll, but others are trying to get to the precious manuscripts first—members of a little known sect called the Mithraists, the chief rival to Christianity up to the fourth century…a wealthy Texas televangelist…an Egyptian antiquities broker…Israeli Mossad agents…and a cast of rogues each out for themselves.

Follow the adventures of Father Dominic and his loyal team from Rome to the Holy Land—through the colorful bazaars of Cairo to the ancient holy sites of Jerusalem and Jordan—in this engaging, historical international thriller.

THE JERUSALEM SCROLLS, the fifth thriller in the Vatican Secret Archive series by bestselling suspense author Gary McAvoy.


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New Release! The Eighth-Grade Killer by Katy Pierce – Includes an Excerpt, Giveaway, & Author Q&A!

“Tell me, Carlee… why did you deserve to live?”

When a dead body is discovered in Harborside with a gruesome message tied around its bruised neck, Carlee realizes the childhood trauma she thought was over has come back to haunt her.

It’s been more than a decade since a serial killer slaughtered Carlee’s eighth-grade class—including her twin brother—only to vanish into thin air, leaving Harborside, Carlee’s once-beautiful lakeshore hometown, haunted by the memories of dead children who will never find true rest.

Now in her late twenties, Carlee is a successful—if eccentric—private investigator in downtown Chicago.

But when the body of a popular high school volleyball player is discovered in Harborside, Carlee knows she must confront the horrors she left behind.

As she races against time to catch the killer, she finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse. More bodies pile up, each accompanied by a cryptic note that seems to taunt her.

It’s clear the Eighth-Grade Killer knows she’s back in town, and they’re coming for her to finish their macabre mission.

Can Carlee finally bring the notorious killer to justice and stop the killings, or will they claim her as their next victim?

The Eighth-Grade Killer is the first book of Katy Pierce’s Harborside Secrets unforgettable mystery series, where the danger is real, and the stakes are deadly.


The Eighth-Grade Killer by Katy Pierce  |  Series Harborside Secrets
Genre Adult Thriller  |  Publisher Independent  |  Publication Date January 10, 2023


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99¢ Cozy Mystery Sale Alert! Blind Fish Don’t Talk by PJ Peterson



Dr. Julia Fairchild’s plans for a relaxing stress-free vacation on the island of St. Maarten turn dangerous when she challenges the ruling that the death was accidental.

Will she discover the truth without ending up dead herself?

BLIND FISH DON’T TALK, the first novel in the Julia Fairchild series by cozy mystery author PJ Peterson.

99¢ November 4th to November 7th Only!

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About the Author

P.J. PETERSON‘s first dream at the age of seven was to grow up to be a doctor and “help” people. After 37 years of practicing internal medicine, she published a mystery that had lain dormant on a floppy disc for almost 40 years. She discovered the thrill of pressing that “publish” button and found a whole new world.

Writing mysteries is her way of using her diagnostic skills in a different way–burying puzzles to solve inside a story with snippets of real life. And it keeps her out of trouble, more or less.

PJ’s passions, when she’s not writing, are health care and education. She donates time to the local free medical clinic and shares a portion of her royalties with St. Rose Catholic School and Seton High College Prep, both of which are close to her heart.

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First-in-Series Freebie Alert! FROM THE ASHES by Amber Lynn Natusch!

A Slow Burn Paranormal Romance Series
With Just a Touch of #WhyChoose…

A sexy, silent vampire who thinks I’m his. A gorgeous werewolf who wants to claim me. A cunning warlock from my past who wants to finish what he started.

One will betray me. Two will try to kill me.

Not the love story you were expecting? That’s because my life isn’t a fairytale—it’s complicated.

Nothing’s ever been easy for this orphaned supernatural outcast. Survival has been the name of the game since the day I was born. Not an easy feat in a world where you’re the only creature with zero power. But I let my guard down when a beautiful stranger appeared one night, dark and mysterious and everything I ever wanted.

He promised me a life together, and I believed him. Now I’m on the run, lost and more alone than I’ve ever been,

To survive, I’ll have to trust again, but the stakes are more than just my heart. I’d followed it before—and it nearly got me killed. And in a world as dangerous as this one, I can’t afford to make the same mistake twice.

FORCE OF NATURE, a complete paranormal romance series with just a touch of #WhyChoose by USA Today bestselling author Amber Lynn Natusch. Get FROM THE ASHES, Force of Nature book one, FREE for a Limited Time Only!

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News! Margo Bond Collins is Crowdfunding Her Next Project!

Bestselling Alien Romance Author Margo Bond Collins is crowdfunding her latest project and there are a TON of bonus perks! Are you a fan of sexy science fiction romance, hot aliens, and surprise meetings between fated mates? Do you enjoy spicy alien romances? Even more, are you looking for a guaranteed happily ever after? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you don’t want to miss out on the passionate romance series The Alien Bride Lottery.

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This hardcover edition includes Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery,
Captured for the Alien Bride Lottery, and Claimed for the Alien Bride Lottery.

Adult Science Fiction Alien Romance 18+

Perks for Alien Bride Lottery Hardcover Kickstarter Backers

This special edition will be exclusively available right here on Kickstarter, along with your guaranteed chance to grab it! The hardcover edition will include the first three books of The Alien Bride Lottery series and a bonus Christmas novella. You can also get a whole slew of other alien romance goodies, including signed paperbacks, digital prints, an exclusive short story, and more.

Now that the project is fully funded, Margo has some great stretch goals, too:

  • At $1500, I’ll send a free alien-themed vinyl sticker to every backer.
  • At $2000, I’ll send a digital copy of a brand-new Alien Bride Lottery scene and a copy of Evading the Alien Bride Lottery to every backer.
  • At $2500, I’ll commission another Alien Bride Lottery digital art piece to send to every backer.
  • At $3500, I’ll commission illustrated chapter headings for the special edition hardcover. 
  • At $5000, I’ll write a second Alien Bride Lottery short story (title TBD) to be sent to every backer digitally in January 2023. 
  • At $10,000, I’ll send a 4×6-inch print of the artwork to every backer.
  • If I hit $15,000 or more, I will send a signed paperback copy of Evading the Alien Bride Lottery and a print of the exclusive art to every backer.
  • So much more!!!

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