New Release! The Jerusalem Scrolls by Gary McAvoy – Includes an Excerpt & Giveaway!

Two young Israeli boys discover an ancient red clay jar in a hidden cave tucked away in the Judean Desert near Qumran. 

Inside the jar are several scrolls written by the Essenes two thousand years earlier, before the Great Jewish Revolt, including one legendary scroll engraved on silver that speaks of what may be the great Lost Treasures of Solomon buried around Jerusalem—consistent with the predictions of the fabled Copper Scroll discovered in 1947 near the Dead Sea. But one of the overlooked parchments turns out to be far more pivotal to Christianity than anything ever before discovered—a startling manuscript written by St. Paul himself that could rewrite religious history.

Father Michael Dominic and his friends are called to Jerusalem to inspect the silver scroll, but others are trying to get to the precious manuscripts first—members of a little known sect called the Mithraists, the chief rival to Christianity up to the fourth century…a wealthy Texas televangelist…an Egyptian antiquities broker…Israeli Mossad agents…and a cast of rogues each out for themselves.

Follow the adventures of Father Dominic and his loyal team from Rome to the Holy Land—through the colorful bazaars of Cairo to the ancient holy sites of Jerusalem and Jordan—in this engaging, historical international thriller.

THE JERUSALEM SCROLLS, the fifth thriller in the Vatican Secret Archive series by bestselling suspense author Gary McAvoy.


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A forbidden secret…

The Church’s fate in the balance…

Will a pair of amateur sleuths expose a truth that could upend the Christian world?

Jesus’ resurrection is a cornerstone of Christian faith. But when a clue surfaces that hints at an alternate account, the ramifications stand to change Christianity forever.

Jesuit priest Michael Dominic’s assignment to the Vatican’s legendary Secret Archives results in his discovery of a hidden papyrus: the unpublished writings of Mary Magdalene — a lost record buried in Rome’s deepest recesses. The forgotten relic’s heretical revelation threatens the Vatican’s very legitimacy, and pits Michael against ruthless and powerful enemies.

Desperate, he reaches out to Hana Sinclair, an investigative reporter with a record of tackling contentious subjects. Together they defy the Church elite, and embark on a search through the shadows of history to unearth the truth. As the pressure builds to silence the pair, will the Vatican resort to the unthinkable in order to safeguard its wealth and power?

THE MAGDALENE DECEPTION, the first international thriller in The Magdalene Chronicles series by bestselling suspense author Gary McAvoy.



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About the Author

GARY MCAVOY is author of several books including his bestselling thriller series “The Magdalene Chronicles,” and his newest series, “Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers.” His nonfiction work “And Every Word Is True” has been hailed as a sequel to Truman Capote’s landmark book “In Cold Blood.” Gary is also a professional collector of ancient manuscripts and historical documents, much of which informs his writing projects.

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